My Photography


As a photographer, my aim is to translate the ‘feel’ of a scene, rather than simply recording it. I have a quiet confidence. Consequently, I tend to go for the strong bold photos that capture a person’s individual power however that manifests itself.
Portraits are very close to me. 
They provide me with the ability to interact with people and learn about their lives.
My strength lies in the ability to connect; to bring out someone’s personality and make him or her feel comfortable and at ease in front of my lens, or better yet, to make them feel like there is no lens at all.  The closer you get to people, the more they open up to their true emotions.I am always looking for honesty in photography; the truth behind the image.
When I view a portrait, I want it to communicate something intimate about the subject, not just their ‘likeness’.  I see vulnerability in someone who is strong, and strength in someone who is vulnerable. I’m drawn to people’s inner strength and that tends to come out in my photographs. In particular, I love people’s faces; I love every detail, every nuance.
 My work is quiet, confident, colour saturated, expressive and bold. All of my experiences, training  and passion go into every click of the shutter.
I was born and raised in one of the most multicultural cities in the world, Toronto, Canada.
I went to Ryerson Polytechnic University, received my BFA in Media Arts, majored in film and received an award for the best short fiction at the Montreal Film Festival. This rounded out background and personal aesthetic in film & media studies has taught me how to be versatile in my style and helped me develop a natural eye for color, tone and composition.I started taking photos in the mid 90s. At first, it was a way to preserve memories and be a part (and hold a part) of the hip-hop scene in the city,  it gave me a sense of belonging.
My career began when I decide to do a photo documentary of Toronto’s underground hip-hop music scene. I met many talented artists and musicians, and developed a deep respect and admiration for their hard work, dedication and perseverance to their craft.As a professional photographer, I’ve worked with some amazing people, grammy-award winning and nominated musicians, internationally celebrated artists, athletes,  and celebrities, including such persons as; Steve Nash, Ric Flair, Stuart Matthewman, Osunlade, Pharell Williams, R. Kelly, Sean Paul, Jill Scott, Faith Evans, Eric Roberson, Dwele, Maestro Fresh Wes, Saukrates, Kardinal Offishall, Dan Hill and John Legend.
One of my projects, tentatively titled ‘In Prayer’ documents individual women and men from different faith communities. It is an exploration and celebration of the different forms of prayer, from silence to  ritual, to  chanting, to dance and song. It was a beautiful experience to have people allow me to photograph them in such intimate moments.I want my talent and abilities to have a positive impact, to either inspire or motivate or bring to light issues that I care about.  Issues like poverty and discrimination.
Experiencing other cultures, meeting people from other communities and countries and seeing their beauty, and differences, helps one to understand that all of our lives are at once interconnected and individual. It makes me better appreciate my home and culture as well as those of others.I seek to document my own personal experiences, to capture scenes and events as I see them and to share with others the beauty and diversity of the world. Just as the images of other photographers have inspired me to explore the world, I hope my own contributions will inspire others to do the same.