I am so very blessed.

I meet so many amazing, talented, humble and kind-hearted people and, I get the pleasure of experiencing some truly moving and amazing performances.

On June 28th, 2011 it was no exception, I was lucky enough to experience the concert of my lifetime with one of my closest friends, Michelle.

The night started with John Legend opening for Sade. John Legend's performance was refreshing and wonderful, he had an excellent horn section that got the crowd going with a brilliant performance. He sounded amazing live!! I do really enjoy him as an artist and performer, a great opening act for a true legend. He had me on my feet dancing in the aisles, perfect vibe and energy to get us ready for the main show.

It's hard not to be blown away by Sade and her magnificent band, she is a classic and timeless performer. The combination of her voice, her lyrics and the band's musicality and talent makes for a amazing and moving synergy.

The show was visually groundbreaking, with a huge high-resolution screen behind the band, and enormous projection screens all around the stage with beautiful, larger than life images. A visually stunning setting that swept us away on a magical musical journey. My friend Michelle was moved to tears.

Sade and the entire band can be described in many words, what comes to my mind is, they are all as so smoooooth and sexy. Her strong, powerful yet soothing voice plays so beautifully off the musicians. And, no bias here, as amazing and talented as all these musicians are, Stuart Matthewman stood out to me, he is truly exceptional.

The overall production through the background videos, and the musicians were perfect extensions of Sade’s beautiful and powerful voice. A voice that lifts you up and carries you along.

Sexy music for my soul indeed!

I WAS BLOWN AWAY!! And, I am still walking on air.

Definitely the best concert I've experienced in my lifetime.

Thank you Stuart! xox

Thank you Michee!! xoxo