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'Working with Anna is a beautiful experience. She has a way of getting me relaxed and in the zone in front of the camera. She is joy to work with!'

Slakah the Beatchild


'It was both amazing and fun. Felt very comfortable and was extremely satisfied with the result.'

Eman Asare


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'Anna's work is splendid. And very creative. There is a story in all her photos. I was struck by the creativity of her photography even before I hired her and I am so happy with the photos she did for me. 

Anna is very professional and she has a big heart. To start, Anna counseled me to bring several outfits to the shoot which was great, because I was nervous about what to wear, and couldn't make up my mind. I'm happy now to have photos with different looks.  

As it turned out I was quite upset on the day of our photo shoot due to a breakdown at work. I didn't know if I could go through with the shoot.  Anna was very, very kind even offering to change the shoot day, which would have been costly for her. I decided to just go ahead, and she empathized with me throughout which was great as I didn't have to pretend. She had organized to have a student of hers at the shoot and he chatted and joked with me, which really helped me get my mind off my upset. Anna's professional skill somehow managed to capture lovely shots of me. I was even smiling. I used these photos for both my website and social media and I'm proud of them. Anna shepherded me through the technical aspects of how to get my images online. I would hire Anna again without hesitation and highly, highly recommend her work to anyone.'

Lucy Becker